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Paul Schwarz
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Paul Schwarz Electric Wizard have been doing too little since "the split" in terms of moving outward - I feel like they're hitting a Slayer rut HARD and I think Liz at least deserves more for all she does than a sort of bland adoration and droning repetition. But maybe that's the point: the fuss over HK as compared to some of their peers proves that it's not declining success EW are risking, proceeding as they are. Favorite track: Who Is This Who Is Coming.
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steve A giant leap.
Building on the potential first explored on 2013's 'The Silver Hand',this collection proves that Headless Kross is one band that needs the expanse of extended song structure to mine the ferocious beauty of their sound to it's fullest extent.
From space-sludge freak-out,via apocalyptic stomp-a-thon to the Immaculate Riff of the final track,this is the testament of a band achieving escape velocity,headed for regions unknown.

*All scanners operational...we await further transmission* Favorite track: The Juror.
Bloodbath Fanzine
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Bloodbath Fanzine The work of three very cross Glaswegians, Headless Kross are about as subtle as a rusty bread knife up the arse, huge monstrous riffs that sound like some enormous lumbering god-beast crushing the world. If this doesn't make you bang yer heid then your probably already deed. Favorite track: Who Is This Who Is Coming.


Formed in 2011, Glasgow’s Headless Kross combine monolithic riffs, mind bending psychedelia and crust tinged freak-outs to give them their unique sound.
Frequently described as ‘psychedelic doom’, swirling phasers and repetitive pounding rhythms give way to downtuned heaviness in a way that is somehow both tight and loose at the same time.
Headless Kross recorded their latest album ‘Volumes’ in July 2014 with Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio.


released April 2, 2015


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Burning World Records has been active since 2007. Mothership of Roadburn Records and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The label is run by Jurgen (also formerly of Roadburnfest). Burning World also has a big mailorder with mainly doom/stoner/black metal/drone/industrial vinyl. ... more

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