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Sick On My journey

by Haikai No Ku

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Paul Schwarz
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Paul Schwarz Apologies, Totengott. I kinda like the CFish vibe you got down there but I ran out of characters: took you a while to get there. HNK I'm already "familiar" with. Bought UHD at a Blown Out gig I think and gave it some time but got more hooked on Bong. Bugger, I' still playing Totengott, and I just had to correct the spelling of their name. Right, so this HNK I have now heard for about 10 seconds. Noisy. Almost no melody. Or rhythm. Noise fading. To lower level but cont. Straight beat. Cavemanish, Favorite track: Violent Existence Of The Yagyu.
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simon 'Sleep on Horseback' sounds like Spaceman 3 reduced down to it's purest form and then amplified to a volume that could explode traffic up to 3 streets away.
'Violent Existence of The Yagyu' sounds like a death march through a mercury swamp. Favorite track: Sleep On Horseback.


Haikai No Ku – the brainchild of Bong guitarist Mike Vest, Sam Booth and Jerome Smith - has released it’s first album on Burning World Records.

The band has been described as: ”Death Toll Blues” . Ear damaging psych heavily influenced by Japanese bands like Mainliner, Les Rallizes Denudes etc. Crashing drums and Bass lay down the framework for fiery guitar attacks to lash across peoples faces. Expect dirge, noise and astral planes.


New Newcastle supergroup featuring Mike Vest (Drunk In Hell, Bong, Master Slave,Ramesses, Basillica, Obey, etc), Jerome Smith (Female Borstal) and Sam Booth (Fooot Hair, Obey). Phew! Haikai No Ku play some of the most morose, damaged blues psych we’ve heard in years: death-toll bass and crashing drums lead the way for a solitary guitar line obliterated by total psychedelic guitar scree. Songs start off as loose jams that slowly build up to utter brain-melting acid psychedelia. Early Ramleh gone deathrock?


released May 30, 2013


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Burning World Records Amsterdam, Netherlands

Burning World Records has been active since 2007. Mothership of Roadburn Records and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The label is run by Jurgen (also formerly of Roadburnfest). Burning World also has a big mailorder with mainly doom/stoner/black metal/drone/industrial vinyl. ... more

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